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Announcements and Updates

2018 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies New Location

As the Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association enters its 18th year for inductees, the organization has taken a new direction with regard to their award ceremonies. historically the awards have taken place during the Aurora Farmers Fair on Wednesday nights. "We are grateful to the Aurora Lions and Farmers Fair for their support all of these years, but this year we are going to change things up," says Andy Jackson SEIMA board member.

According to Caz Burdette acting SEIMA Board President, the annual award ceremony is being relocated to the historic Gibson Theater in Batesville, IN. "Our organization represents musicians from Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, and Switzerland Counties, so we feel its important that SEIMA has a presence in those counties as well. We look forward to putting together a night of entertainment for our inductees, their families and current members as well as the public," said Burdette. The ceremonies will include live performances by local artists, current hall of fame members, and special guests, along with the award presentations. 

First year member on the board Brian Noble had this to say about the upcoming ceremonies, "I too am happy to be working with the Southeastern Indiana Musicians Association. As a current hall of fame member I welcome the opportunity to host a more intimate event that really focuses on the inductees and their stories. Its a special moment to these men and women to be brought into this Hall of Fame and be recognized for their musical contributions to the community and we want them to feel that appreciation.

The organization hopes to extend its community outreach beyond the Hall of fame next year by raising awareness and funding, through hosted concert events along with the awards ceremony and through private and public donations to the organization. SEIMA seeks to support music programs in local schools and help provide better musical equipment and affordable instruments to the students who need them in all of the counties represented. Establishing a scholarship program for career minded musicians in the community is another priority for the group. 1st year member Dean Koumoutsos is focused on pursuing arts based funding for the organization via available federal, state, and local grants. 

"It's exciting to have new members on our board this year and we are looking forward to a greater involvement in the local music scene in the community. We have plans to work with existing event organizers as well as embarking on our own events, focusing on exemplary local talent and showcasing them alongside established national acts. Most people are unaware of our area's rich musical heritage and that is something we aim to change as well" said board member Brian DeBruler. "This community is growing and we have an incredible commodity in our music here. We already have regionally supported musical events in our community and we plan to expand on that significantly across the area in all the counties we represent.

The 18th Annual SEIMA Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony is slated for November 3rd 2018 at the Gibson Theater in Batesville, Indiana. more details coming soon.

Brian DeBruler